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Are you too tired of the dressing up as usual boring and much too common zombies, ghost, mummies, vampires and witches? And you also don’t want to go for fairies and princess costumes? Are you looking for some costume idea that is creative as well as capable of drawing out unanimous laughter from your friends because of your originality? Well, we have an answer for you: try to get funny this Halloween!

There is no rule of thumb that if the costumes are meant for a Halloween party, they have to be necessarily spooky or scary. You can very well opt for crazy, funny and hilarious costumes. Now, lot of people tend to believe that to look funny, you only have jester or clown costumes. However, this is also not the complete truth; you can look funny by dressing up as ordinary things that normally people wouldn’t think of turning into a costume. Some examples of such costumes are a night stand, a Christmas tree or a bowling pin.

Welcome to BowlingPinCostume.Com, where the true bowler can pay homage to his love for bowling by wearing a bowling pin costume.  You’ll have room to spare when you wear a fun bowling pin costume that turns you into…you guessed it…a bowling pin!  This fun costume is quickly becoming a popular choice among those who love to bowl.  A bowling pin costume is also a good choice for newly opened bowling alleys that are looking to drum up some business.  Just stand a guy or gal outside in a bowling pin costume and watch the traffic to your bowling alley increase exponentially.  This is a surefire attention getter.

When you arrive at your event or party dressed in a bowling pin costume and looking like a giant bowling pin, you’re bound to garner your fair share of giggles and laughs.  This is an outrageously funny costume that is typically made in a way that you can slide over your head (with an opening in the top of the pin for your head).  The costume is usually white with red stripes, much like the standard pins that you would find in your bowling alley locally, only giant sized and hopefully –wearing a smile!

To accessorize your bowling pin costume, you can add warm tights, leggings, slacks, or leg warmers.  The arm holes allow for your arm to be seen, so wearing a turtle neck or other long sleeve shirt in a color that compliments the colors of the bowling pink costume is ideal.  The bowling pin costume is a unisex costume, and you can find this type of costume for adults, kids, and sometimes, pets.

If you are going as a group, be sure to consider having some members of the group dress like bowlers.  It can be great fun to have a group arrive with a number of bowling pin costumes and some bowler costumes, too.

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Dressing up in a bowling pin costume would be a great idea if you want to look funny in a truly unique way. You may be an expert in bowling, or just an average player, but you would be definitely a hit with a bowling pin costume. The costume can be made at home, but to make your life easier and become a perfect bowling pin, you can easily buy this costume from many shops offering it at throw away prices in their online stores.  The costume usually is a pull over costume and is made from poly-foam for a comfortable fit.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Step away from the boring and usual costumes with a Bowling Pin Costume and great accessories. You can have a lot of fun with a Bowling Pin Costume as you wobble and fall to entertain those around you at the next costume party or on Halloween. To accessorize the look, you might consider taking along your favorite bowling ball or your bowling bag proudly displaying your team’s name. Packing a couple of bowling pins to accent the look often brings endless laughter from friends as well as strangers. Keep in mind it may be a bit chilly in this costume and wearing a long sleeved shirt beneath your costume could ward off the cold night air. A pair of leggings may be ideal for staying cozy as well.

Measuring for Your Costume

Don’t “strike out”! Get the right sized bowling pin costume the first time and you will be comfortable for your entire event. Before you invest in a costume that will transform you into a giant, life-sized living breathing bowling pin, be sure to take your measurements and then compare them to the measurements on the product details page, or at a link on the page that says ‘size chart’. By getting the right sized costume the first time, you can be assured that your costume will fit and you can wear it as soon as you need to after delivery.

A bowling pin costume is a creative, crazy and funny costume to wear for Halloween and to other fun parties and events. It can also tell the world about your love for the game. The costume has white and red stripes like the normal bowling pins and can be slid over the top of the head. A turtle neck sweater and leggings, slacks or leg warmers give you the complete look. It is a perfect costume way to advertise a newly opened bowling alley. These unisex costumes are available in different sizes and you can find ones to fit babies as well as adults.

Bowling Pin Halloween Costume

Most of the people have a tendency to think of wizards, witches, pirates etc when it comes to Halloween costumes. However, you don’t have to necessarily stick to age old devil and angel costumes. There is a new genus in the town.

The Halloween costumes you opt for are not just costumes, but say a lot about your style, personality and sense of humor. Whether you opt for scary, sexy, scary, or funny costumes, you are actually making both a personal statement and a public appearance.

When it comes to funny costumes, there are many great ideas to choose from. But if you really don’t want to dress up in those funny costumes that are much regular and obvious, you can have your creative juices run and think of an out of the box idea. You can think of those ordinary things that people adore but would not think of making a costume out of it, even in their wildest dreams.

You can make yourself a cricket bat for example, a bowling call or a bowling pin. A bowling pin costume for Halloween is sure to bowl everyone over, it is just so funny. And if you are looking for a couple costume, you can make a STRIKE-ing pair & go as a set – a bowling ball and a bowling pin. This is one of the best couple costumes that can exist. The set is definitely going to be great at the Halloween party for your bowling league.

Be the last pin standing in a bowling pin costume! You can expect a Bowling Pin Costume to feature a bowling pin-shaped white bodysuit having two red neck stripes, arm holes and a face hole for visibility. The costume includes one piece bowling pin pull over tunic.

Whether you love the game of bowling yourself or not, but you would surely be loved and admired by everyone in the party when dressed up in a bowling pin costume.

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